Modular Bag


Configure. Reconfigure. Re-reconfigure. With its modular design, you can rearrange, add, subtract, or swap-out bag components to best suit your requirements, even as those requirements change. It’s a tactical approach to on-the-go organization.

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To the Gym and Beyond

Our Seven Supply modular bags are not only engineered to fit perfectly into most vertical lockers, but they’re also sized to be TSA carry-on compliant. So, whether you’re headed to the gym, your office, or on vacation, we don’t care how you get there, but we’re along for the ride!

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Tactical Approach To Locker Management

The patent pending hook systems and front loading strategy are engineered to allow you to work out of your bag while its hanging in a locker, in your closet, on a coat hook, or on a door handle. Unlike your current duffle bag, conveniently load and unload your gear from the many easily accessible bag compartments. As much fun as it may have been, you’ll no longer have to work off the bench or floor of the gym locker-room while you’re getting ready.

Compartmentalization To The Max

The bag is subdivided into a system of modules which give you the ability to configure, reconfigure, add, or subtract them as you see fit to adapt to your exact needs. You get the pieces you need and just zip them together however you like to make them work for you.

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Clean And Dirty Clothes Don’t Mix

You start with clean clothes and end up with dirty clothes. The problem is, they all go in the same space. Gross. Our patent pending, expandable, magnetic hamper system utilizes the same space your clean clothes started in for the dirties you create as it expands into whichever module you to attach it to. You never let your veggies touch your dessert on your dinner plate, you shouldn’t have to let your cleans and dirties touch either.

The Possibilities Are Endless

On all joining ends of each bag module and endcap is our patent pending dual zipper system. This system allows you to connect any module to the dual zipper system of any other Seven Supply module or end cap. What kind of sorcery is this?

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Flexible Format for Add-Ons

The ladder webbing system found on both the sides of our bag modules allows for components like our hooks and handles to securely connect to and integrate with your bag. It’s a flexible format that allows you to configure your bag for your needs. You do you, boo.

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Hangs High and Low

Our patent pending dual position hook system allows you to hang your bag on a closet rod or locker hooks at two different heights to better optimize its accessibility. Pull the magnetically retained hooks through the strap for the short reach position or fold them out in their long reach position to lower the hanging position of the bag by 5”. High or low, short or tall, we’ll help you put your things in reach.

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Hooked on Seven

The Seven Supply standard hooks system utilizes two patent pending, black anodized aluminum hooks that tuck away when you don’t need them, and fold out when you do. Simple and strong, just like your coffee.

Magnetic, Ergonomic Handle

We all have that one friend that’s like Velcro, cool to be around every once and awhile, but not something you want to deal with all the time. That’s why your new best friend is going to be our magnetic handle. It opens and closes quickly and smoothly and won’t end up covered with all those fuzzies. The rigid internal handle structure distributes the bag weight across your hand to make it way more comfortable, so you can carry your BFF around as long as you’d like.