Your Bag Shouldn’t Have to Be One Size Fits All.

Configure. Reconfigure. Re-reconfigure. With its modular design, you can rearrange, add, subtract, or swap-out bag components to best suit your requirements, even as those requirements change. It’s a tactical approach to on-the-go organization.

It’s That Easy.

Modular bags configured to your needs. Out of town, at the gym, or at the office, we’ve got you covered.

The Solution.

  • Why do you load your duffle bag horizontally and then put it in a vertical locker?
  • Why does your bag always end up on the floor at home?
  • Why is it such a pain to manage clean and dirty laundry on trips and at the gym?

We’re not sure, it didn’t make sense to us either. That’s exactly why we came up with the Seven Supply modular bag. Hang it in the closet or locker with access to ALL the pockets. Utilize the expandable magnetic hamper to take the space you have your clean clothes in and, as you use them, transition it into space for your dirty clothes – without letting them touch! Its modular design lets you build and reconfigure it to suit your needs, whatever those needs are. Tired of your old bag yet?

Modular. Versatile.

It’s your world, we’re just living in it. Build YOUR bag for YOU. With a variety of components and ways to use them, the options are endless.

Metal Hooks

Hang your bag in a locker, closet, on a coat hook, or a door handle.

Forward Facing Pockets

Opens from the front for easy loading and use.


Different sized modules allow you to create a bag custom fit for your needs.

Expandable Hamper System

Utilizes the same space for clean and dirty clothes, without letting them touch.

Ladder Webbing System

Allows for add-ons to securely connect and integrate to your bag.

Dual Zipper System

Join any module to any joining side of an adjacent module or end cap.

Magnetic Handle

Uses magic (ok, actually just magnets) to open and close quickly and smoothly.

Rigid Handle Inserts

Distributes the weight of the bag evenly across your hand for increased comfort.

Carry On Compliance

Fits within the TSA size guidelines for carry-on items.

Small Module

Size 14 basketball shoes? No problem. Perfect for an outfit or two as well, and is half the length of the large module.

Large Module

A good place for your soccer ball or a number of outfits. Removable Divider allows for compartmentalization to properly separate all your things. It’s twice the length of the Small Module.


All modules are vented to allow your shoes, gear, and laundry to breathe.

Dual Access Pockets

Whether the modules are open or closed, you can get to the same stuff in the same pockets. Zippered on the inside and out, you can get to your things whenever you need to.

Shoulder Strap

Extra thick shoulder pad and all metal hardware. Soft and strong.

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